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Blown in Blanket "BiBs"

BiB's Home & Shop Packages

  • Is a dense blown fiberglass insulation system for exterior walls.
  • Gives a great R-value and is very cost-effective.
  • The expected R-value for a 2×6 stud wall R-23 or an 8-inch post wall is R-32.
  • Some of the benefits are that it is custom-fit for every cavity. That means “no air leaks”.
  • The insulation is pneumatically placed behind specially designed netting. This allows insulation to fill in and surround electrical wiring, boxes and plumbing pipes.
  • Another wonderful benefit is that it can be installed in all types of weather conditions.
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Blower Door Testing

Blower Door Test – $250

Duct Seal Test – $250

AeroSeal Duct Air Sealing – $1000-$1200

Closed Cell Foam

  • Insulation
  • Air Barrier
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Ridged structural benefits
  • High Insulation Value
  • R-Value of 6.8 per inch
  • Exterior Walls
  • Vaulted Ceilings
  • Rim Joists
  • Exterior Applications
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Fiberglass Batt and Blown Fiberglass

Fiberglass Batt Insulation

  • Air seal detailing
  • 6mil poly
  • Acoustical sealant
  • Foam doors and windows
  • Cost Effective
  • 2×6 walls R21
  • 2×4 walls R13 and R11
  • Spray Foam Detail for:
    • Rim Joist
    • Headers
    • Windwash (truss heels)
    • Difficult Cavities
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Blown Fiberglass Insulation

Don’t Waste Your Time
Average 40×60 Attic Costs you $2340

  • Cost to buy 62 bags from a lumberyard = $1860
  • 2 hrs for 2 guys to pick up and return blower and material at $30 per hr ($20 per hr employees with overhead) = $120
  • Cost to install 62 at 15 bags per hr, 5 total hrs with set up for 2 employees = $300
  • Cost of the last hr of the day your guys waste cleaning up because there isn’t time to do anything else that day = $60

The Cost to Have Us Do It = $1920
If you charge the $2500 you originally planned, you would make $580 off us and an additional $500 having your crew do something they are good at. Or you can save money and do it yourself?

  • This is all we do, we are efficient, we do it right
  • We always have material stocked and ready to go
  • With 2 high-production blow trucks, ready to go scheduling is not an issue
  • Labor is the biggest challenge, you can focus your labor where it makes sense
  • We are fully insured
  • If there is an issue, we are responsible to fix it
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Foundation Waterproofing

Injection Foam

The Cost-Effective Foam for Exterior Walls Systems

  1. Install reinforced poly and pipe system
  2. Inject open cell foam to fill cavity 100%
  3. Remove pipe system
  • Entire wall assembly air/vapor sealed
  • Very high blower door results
  • Quiet, comfortable, energy-efficient
  • Cost half way between fiberglass batt and closed cell foam
  • No waste
  • High R-Value and Cost-Effective
  • 2×6 walls R22
  • 2×4 walls R14
  • Custom fit for every cavity insulation is injected to. Injection foam fills in, around and behind electrical and plumbing.
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Open Cell Foam

Open cell foam is soft flexible water blown foam. It creates an extremely quiet project. It is a healthier, quieter, more economic alternative to closed cell foam. Dollar for dollar open cell foam is the best investment you can make in insulation.

  • Soft and flexible: it is a very forgiving product. Very durable. It can adjust to the changing conditions in your home
  • Healthier: as a water-blown foam, there are no chemical blowing agents therefore no off-gassing
  • Energy-efficient: open cell is an air barrier eliminating drafts and warm air leaving your home
  • More Economic: open cell foam costs approximately 1/3 less than closed cell foam for the same Rvalue yet is a complete air barrier and insulation in one
  • Breathable: just like your framing and your concrete it is an open cell. It naturally adjusts to the changing humidity levels in your home
    • Stop the airflow while allowing your building to breathe
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Poultry Barns


  • Save Energy Costs
  • Reduce Cold Drafts
  • Cooler in Summer
  • Darkling Beetle Control
  • Increase Production
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Temp Site Heating

Safe Dry Heat!

No Setup Charge. We set up the heater, set and install the propane and maintain the fuel level.

600,000 BTU of vented dry heat!

Save weeks off your project and increase labor production!

  • Daily – $75
  • Weekly – $325
  • Monthly – $700
  • Simple monthly billing for heater and fuel

Don’t Lose Time and $$$!

  • Trades work quickly and efficiently
  • Taping and mudding go much faster
  • Your employees spend more time working
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Why install foam board and poly?


  • Cost-Effective
  • High-quality seals everything
  • Leave your crew on other jobs making you money
  • Save your time
  • Custom-fit for every slab
  • Seals all penetrations
  • Walk on it
  • Hot water tubing installs easily
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"I met NCI just about four years ago. Soon after I put on an addition to my house. When the project was completed, I was so impressed. Not just by my energy savings, but especially how quiet the addition was. When that wind howls off Lake Bemidji, I don’t hear a thing. I was so impressed; I used them again on my next addition. They do great work."
~ Skip H.