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Owens Corning Fiberglass


Q.) What is the Price?

A.)  It is more expensive than Fiberglass.  However, without the shortcomings of filterglass, the benefits of our spray foams will far exceed the cost of the upgrade.

  • Added into a mortgage, monthly bills will be lower due to energy savings.   

Q.) Can I get a Square Ft. price?

A.) We would rather look at every aspect of a project before we work up a bid. 

  • This allows us to give the most accurate price for each job.  Every project is different, thus so is the Sq. Ft. Price. 

Q.) What are the R-values?


Installed Aged 180 Days
Icynene = 3.6 Icynene = 3.6
BASF = 6.5 BASF = 6.0
  • We won’t round these up like some companies will, our installed R-values.  *There is a curing process with foams: cured for 180 days; this test is generally the accept R-value.

Q.) Is an R-value the most accurate measure for performance?

A.) Not always. It is important, but certainly is not the only thing a buyer should consider when deciding on how to insulate their project.

  • HERS Rating (home energy rating system) is a very good indicator on how much energy a home will require.  Basically calculating Air Exchanges per Hour, its almost like Miles Per Gallon (MPG) for your home.          

Q.) What are the biggest reasons for using Spay foams over fiberglass?

A.) Air Sealing and Custom Fit.

  • Foams are continuous air barriers and won’t allow air to move through them.  A sealed envelope around your entire project will have a huge impact on energy savings.
  • Fiberglass comes in Rolls and Batts, designed to fit one size, or shape of cavity; leaving proper installation up an employee.  Usually cutting each piece on the floor a few feet away.  

We feel this is where we have one of our biggest advantages.  Bobby and I are the only two employees.  We inspect each cavity we spray as if it were in our own home. Tall ones, short ones, thin ones, or wide ones. It doesn’t matter to us. They are all installed to manufactures recommendations or thicker. Making sure nothing is missed on each and every project. We even caulk all double vertical framing members and corners sealing each project. Impossible to duplicate with fiberglass.

Q.) Why don’t Foams have the same moisture problems of fiberglass?

A.) With an air-barrier, there is no condensation point.

  • Moisture mismanagement is account able for 90% of new building failures in the US. Mold, Mildew and Moisture Control have to be serious considerations when starting and project.  It is vital to think of your as a series of systems that all must work together in unison for the integrity of the finished product.


R-Value Myth

Click here to read an informative article on the "R-Value Myth"

Comparing the R- value of a Spray in place foam plastic, to fiberglass is not even sensible.  They work under different principles. One stops air transfer, the other slows down heat loss.  Fiberglass insulation for homes was developed in the 1940’s.  R-values as we know them to day were developed as a unit of measure for this particular product over 70 years ago. R-values don’t account for air movement. They simply measure heat transfer.

  • Foams will have an R-values ranging from 3.6-6.5. However, when considering an r-value, make sure its value is stated at “180 days cured”.  Refrigerants in foams can and will break down over time.  Since Icynene has no refrigerants, it can’t break down over any length of time.  That’s why we are able to offer the lifetime guarantee.
  • Many Companies round their numbers, to 4-7,  be sure to check for that in a printed third party’s test
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